Release Notes

Release 1.3.1 – March 2023

New functions
  • Interactive overview of extensions in Z-space including metadata of Z-objects
  • User-friendly visualization of software metrics of ABAP code.
  • Implementation of an interactive dashboard for detailed process views
  • Listing of integrated interfaces
  • Integration of developer comments into the graphical representation of the program flow
  • Optimization of the user interface for a more intuitive user experience.
  • Expand documentation capabilities for more comprehensive analysis.
  • Performance improvement of the ABAP compiler
Bug fixes
  • Resolve stability issues during data analysis.

Release 1.3.2 – June 2023

New functions
  • Introduce advanced AI analysis for more accurate results and insights.
  • Additional support for SAP Dynpro GUI generation including application program flows.
  • Listing of classic and new BAdIs
  • Export possibility of the entire extension inventory
  • Extraction and analysis of ABAP code in Web Dynpro controllers
  • Faster processing of large amounts of data.
  • Improve data analysis function.
Bug Fixes:
  • Solving export problems with very large SAP systems.
  • Increasing the upload limit in codeVAULT.
  • Correct processing of keywords as function names in the ABAP compiler

Release 1.3.3 – September 2023

New functions
  • AI based descriptive texts for interfaces and data accesses.
  • Listing of all use cases of an SAP system implemented in the Z area.
  • Refinement of AI algorithms through LLM for more accurate forecasting.
  • Integration of icons and implicit texts in the graphical screen display
  • New version of the interactive demo environment
  • Optimizations of the docuWIKI for analyses of mainframe applications.
  • Integration of the source code of PL/I Includes
Bug Fixes:
  • Correction of display errors in various browsers.

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