SYSPARENCY for Business Software


The Sysparency AI generates the sysparencyWIKI fully automatically from your software programs and software extensions. Our WIKI empowers your internal team to make adjustments and improvements to your unique and market-critical business processes independently of external consultants. Sysparency increases the speed of your change and innovation projects!

Example video with SAP technology

Technology independent knowledge extraction from enterprise software

Sysparency analyzes and documents technology independent, historically grown business applications according to the functionality and usage behavior of the software. This means that the documentation is readable and understandable not only for technicians & software developers but also for departments, management and external auditors. The results of our automated analysis and documentation are stored in the online-capable SYSPARENCY WIKI. According to the definition of a WIKI application, it is also possible with Sysparency to insert existing documentation and individualized content. This functionality makes the SYSPARENCY WIKI the central place for your software documentation.

We are the only company in the world to document software based on AI and in accordance with its functionality and usage behavior. This means that the AI-based and automated explanation, specification and documentation can be read and understood not only by software developers but also by specialist departments, management and external auditors. The result of our software documentation guides you independently through the software functionalities. It starts with the usual user input and all masks and pages of an application are presented graphically for the reader.

So that the functional sequence remains comprehensible, especially for people without software expertise, the terms of the user input masks and the variable names used for programming are mapped and only terms that the user can understand are documented. The functionality of the software, from user input to data storage, is prepared as natural language and with corresponding graphic models. The documentation is saved in any structure and format that can be selected as online documentation or a Word document collection.

Mainframe Roadmap En


AI based semantic analysis and documentation of SAP enhancements.

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Automated online WIKI as central software documentation.

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Specially secured codeSAFE platform, for analysis of critical SAP extensions.

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docuWIKIs are operated in the highly secure SYSPARENCY docuCLOUD.

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Automatically extracts all individualized SAP extensions.

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SYSPARENCY insightREPORT measures and evaluates your SAP extensions.

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Benefits of Sysparency

Increase in performance

Increase the performance of your software development by over 30% through automatically generated documentation from Sysparency

Error-free documentation

Automatically generate the updated documentation with each deployment. This level of automation enables you to ensure error-free documentation of the software.

Time saving

Your requirements engineers, software developers and testers save tedious documentation work and can concentrate on what is really important: creating good software

Legal compliance

Every critical software application must be fully documented professionally and technically. The algorithms must be understandable. With Sysparency you achieve this legal conformity.

Fulfillment of Regulation

Critical business software and the algorithms used must comply with current documentation standards. Sysparency documents based on the actually operated source code and in the depth of documentation required by the customer and in the required richness of detail.

Compliant with the law

Mandatory program documentation and - information


Documents your source code in the required depth and level of detail


The goal is the traceability of all algorithms and functionalities of your source code


With Sysparency you have the possibility to update your documentation continuously.

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