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Sysparency – Transparency for software systems

Sysparency – Transparency for software systems Sysparency GmbH has set itself the goal of making software systems understandable and transparent. Sysparency is the market leader for automated documentation of complex software systems. With the scientifically developed software analysis algorithm Sysparency, customers can understand how their software systems work, make their software generally more robust and compliant with the law and significantly reduce further development costs. Sysparency has been actively developed with international customers and qualified research partners since 2010. Sysparency’s integrated documentation process prepares the structure of the software, the functionality is presented as mathematical formulas and the process from user input to the database is described.

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Peter Falk
Falk S. Al-Omary
Head of Communications

As Head of Communications, Falk S. Al-Omary is responsible for PR, media, political communication and brand development at the ReqPOOL Group. With his decades of experience in over 50 honorary and political offices, functions and mandates, Falk S. Al-Omary is one of the leading PR managers in Germany and is happy to be your contact.