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Sysparency – Transparency for software systems

Sysparency – Transparency for software systems Sysparency GmbH has set itself the goal of making software systems understandable and transparent. Sysparency is the market leader for automated documentation of complex software systems. With the scientifically developed software analysis algorithm Sysparency, customers can understand how their software systems work, make their software generally more robust and compliant with the law and significantly reduce further development costs. Sysparency has been actively developed with international customers and qualified research partners since 2010. Sysparency’s integrated documentation process prepares the structure of the software, the functionality is presented as mathematical formulas and the process from user input to the database is described.

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Nothing works in the modern world without software and artificial intelligence. Algorithms determine the everyday life of all people: in administrative and production processes, in shopping or in the on-board computer of modern vehicles. No action, no product and no decision that is not IT-supported or at least IT-influenced. People and companies have long been connected with algorithms.
For a long time, artificial intelligence was considered an abstract construct that will one day change current life in the distant future. The basic features of the technology of the future have long since become part of our everyday lives. Now it has to be clarified how far the coming generations of automated systems should – and may – intervene. Consistent transparency helps to counteract uncertainty and create clarity.
The growing complexity in our everyday lives requires the use of increasingly intelligent software algorithms. Decisions made by these digital software solutions must be comprehensible and explainable to humans in order to be accepted by them. However, as software algorithms and software systems become more and more complex, we run the risk of leaving parts of management and the workforce behind and no longer being able to plausibly explain to them how legacy algorithms work and how decisions can be tracked. The goal is to make legacy software systems understandable and transparent for everyone and thus make the replacement of legacy software applications more successful.
Artificial intelligence, or AI, in its ‘weaker’ form has long arrived as a companion to humanity, such as in navigation systems, voice controls or augmented reality. Practical for everyday life, profitable for companies. The ‘stronger’ form of AI, on the other hand, poses dangers. Because: When a system becomes intelligent, it also makes its own decisions. Software solutions that document AI in an understandable way and ensure complete transparency help here.
A better carbon footprint by removing superfluous calculations: this is the concept behind Green Coding. Apparently, clever programming can be used to save 35 percent of the resources quite easily.

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