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The unique Sysparency online platform enables you to automatically document your software solution with just a few clicks.

Individualsoftware Dokumentation

Sysparency is a scientifically developed software product that documents complex software systems automatically. The unique selling point of Sysparency is the way it is documented. The starting point for the documentation of software is the present program code. Our intelligent algorithm takes this source code and generates the corresponding documentation in WIKI format from it.

Sysparency Software Documentation

The aim of Sysparency is the traceability of all algorithms and functionalities of your program code. With Sysparency you have the possibility to continuously update your documentation. With Sysparency you have the possibility to update your documentation continuously.

Faulty algorithms or harmful functionality can thus be quickly identified. Die zentrale Dokumentation dient auch dem Fachbereich für eine reibungslose Abnahme der Software.

With the Sysparency algorithm, we were able to improve the quality of documentation for users, developers and Significantly increase external audits and thus meet compliance guidelines.
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Benefits of Sysparency Online

We are the only company in the world to analyze and document SAP software according to how it works and how it is used. This means that the documentation is readable and understandable not only for software developers but also for departments, management and external auditors. The result of our software documentation guides you independently through the software functionalities.


The Sysparency Algorithm documents your software in real time and continuously with every change.


Our automated Sysparency docuWIKI documents 100% of the software in complete quality.


When uploading, the entire program code is encrypted using the highly secure Advanced Encryption Standard algorithm


The software documentation will be made available to you via the Sysparency Source2Doc platform and you will be informed by email

With Sysparency, you receive the exceptionally high quality of the software documentation confirmed by independent auditors and you meet all regulations and legal requirements.

"quick, safe and uncomplicated"

Sysparency online platform



Upload software program code encrypted in our highly secured SYSPARENCY codeSAFE.



SYSPARENCY semanticANALYTICS automatically analyzes and documents the software



The result is made available in the online-capable SYSPARENCY docuWIKI


With our scientifically developed software analysis algorithm Sysparency you can understand how your software systems work.

Documentation of the
Program codes

Automatic documentation of the software source code.

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Functionality as
math formulas

Calculating functionality is represented as mathematical formulas.

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Fulfillment of

Critical software and algorithms must be documented.

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From user input
to data storage

We document software according to how it works.

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Understandable variables and functionality

The terms of the masks are mapped to variable names.

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Long term
quality control

Increase the performance of your software development by over 30%.

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Supported programming languages

We support the following programming languages, among others : C/C++, COBOL, Java, .net, Fortran, NATURAL/ADABAS & PL/1 with our Sysparency Custom documentation algorithm.

c programming language

Your programming language is not there yet?

Quality level

Documentation with our Sysparency documentation software meets your requirements.
Choose from our three designated quality levels for the documentation of your software.


This structured documentation method provides you with an easy-to-understand overview of your software solution. Get to know the structure of your software. We analyze your software solution and identify the most common software development metrics for you. Learn more about the programmed size of your software (LoC), the functional size (FP), and the effort that would be required to reprogram the software in this dimension.


The functional documentation method focuses on the functional flow of your software solution - starting with user input, through technical calculations, and ending with data storage. Detailed documentation of the functionality is provided in the form of Word documents in which the calculations are given as mathematical formulas. At this quality level, you receive complete documentation that is comprehensible and traceable for the specialist department, management and external auditors.


Technical documentation is used by software development experts to quickly gain an overview of the technical structure and functionality of a software solution. All programmed variables are renamed based on the user input names. You will receive a technical representation in an easy-to-understand pseudo-algorithm, so that you can find errors / bugs and places to be adjusted in the original source code more easily and, above all, more quickly.

Functionality as math formulas

The central component of software documentation is the representation of the functionality of the algorithm

Sysparency is a scientifically developed software product that documents complex software systems automatically

Post documentation of the Program codes

From user input to data storage

Sysparency documents software according to the functional sequence of your software used

The aim of the automated documentation with sysparency in an understandable, readable and traceable representation of the source code of your software

Understandable variables and functionality

Long term Quality assurance, security of software systems and data protection

The central component of software documentation is the representation of the functionality of the algorithm

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