With SYSPARENCY businessANALYST you optimize the value-adding business processes based on the analysis of your SAP individualizations.

SYSPARENCY businessANALYST automatically documents business processes, workflows and user interfaces in ABAP programmed SAP extensions for business analysts, project decision makers and requirement engineers.

SYSPARENCY enables companies to analyze their business processes faster and more efficiently by documenting SAP enhancements and automatically generating and clearly presenting user interfaces.

businessANALYST V3

Advantages of SYSPARENCY businessANALYSTS

Support in the analysis and identification of process inefficiencies and development of improved workflows

60% relief for ABAP developers through automated analyses and documentation

Automatically generated SAP report views and workflows via the ABAP programmed business functionality

Professional decisions and calculations from all functionalities in the system available at the push of a button

Support in the analysis of value-adding business processes

SYSPARENCY businessANALYST is a powerful software that automatically documents SAP enhancements programmed in ABAP and prepares and explains business processes, workflows and user interfaces for business analysts, project decision makers and requirement engineers.

With businessANALYST you can quickly and easily understand how SAP systems work and optimize the implemented business processes, decisions and workflows.

Analysis and optimization of business workflows

To analyze and optimize value-added business processes, business analysts need the automatically generated documentation of SAP enhancements. This gives the business and technical analysts a better understanding and overview of the implemented professionalism and the existing integration into the enterprise system landscape. It is important to show the user workflows and the generated user interface masks, as these represent a large part of the business processes, making it easier to identify improvements and grievances.

In addition, SYSPARENCY businessANALYST’s automatic documentation saves time and resources by eliminating the need for manual record keeping. Our unique online-enabled wiki platform also makes it easy to share and update the information, which improves collaboration and efficient use of the system


Business processes, workflows and user interfaces

businessANALYST process

Sysparency enables companies to analyze their business processes faster and more efficiently by documenting SAP enhancements and automatically generating and clearly displaying user interfaces. SYSPARENCY businessANALYST is a valuable support for anyone who wants to understand and optimize the functioning of SAP systems.

From technical SAP ABAP WIKI to documentation for the business department

Technical program variables and function names are replaced in SYSPARENCY docuWIKI by technically understandable terms. These are used automatically throughout SYSPARENCY docuWIKI. Thanks to the unique drill-down option to the actual SAP program code, the technical and functional relationships are retained.


Search & custom extensions

The uniqueness of SYSPARENCY docuWIKI results from the combination of automatically generated documentation and individually written WIKI documents. SYSAPARENCY is the central point for your SAP documentation and the software-driven professionalism and value creation in your company. Use SYSPARENCY via the navigation and drill-down capabilities or the WIKI wide search functionality. You have with 100% quality – the full flexibility.


The Sysparency WIKI provides a global full text search function for all documents of your SAP extensions. The search function is the central tool for finding information in the WIKI. Comparable to WIKIPEDIA, a simple term is enough to search the entire information database. The search results are listed clearly and thus significantly reduce the effort required to obtain information.


According to the definition of a WIKI application, it is also possible with Sysparency to insert existing documentation and individualized content. This functionality makes Sysparency the central place for your software documentation. Whether architecture documentation or additionally generated documentation, all information is embedded centrally. Links between the manual documentation part and the automated documentation are implemented very easily.

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