SYSPARENCY insightREPORT helps you make the right business decisions by providing a real-time overview of all SAP individual processes.

Make better business decisions with Syparency. The SYSPARENCY insightREPORT provides you with an overview of all individualized SAP business processes, functional extensions and information flows in the shortest possible time.

Our unique SYSPARENCY insightREPORT algorithm analyzes, measures and evaluates your SAP ABAP individual programs and makes statements about quality and optimization possibilities.

insightREPORT V3

Advantages of SYSPARENCY insightREPORT

Overview of all individualized SAP business processes and business objects within seconds

Automated data-based estimation of modernization needs and implementation efforts

Making data-driven business decisions in digitalization and AI projects

Identification of business processes and functionalities in need of qualitative optimization

SYSPARENCY insightREPORT - the real-time overview of your SAP customizations

SYSPARENCY insightREPORT analyzes, measures and evaluates your SAP ABAP individual programs and your SAP overall system. In addition to the number of individual enhancements, the call frequency, complexity, new development costs and many other important key figures are also determined and prepared for you in a management-friendly manner by means of a dashboard and tabular listing in insightREPORT.

Automated cost and effort estimation

IT decision makers benefit from the automatically generated metrics and dashboards because it provides an overview of the current status of the system and its performance. This is especially important to ensure that the enhancements function efficiently and effectively and that potential problems are identified early. For important business decisions in upgrade projects, further developments and merger & acquisition projects, a sound database is required and this must be system-generated with 100% quality and available in real time.

Sysparency insightREPORT

Overview of ABAP programs, business objects, metrics & valuations

Sysparency insightREPORT

Metrics on user interactions, data and interfaces are prepared for you in a management-friendly way using a dashboard and tabular listing in insightREPORT as an online report.

With its key performance indicators and KPIs, SYSPARENCY insightREPORT enables better traceability and evaluation of the SAP system, thus contributing to efficient and effective decision-making.

Data-based decision-making through drill-down options for all individualizations

The online SYSPARENCY WIKI documentation provides a central location where all relevant information is stored and easily accessible. By using automatically generated metrics and KPIs, effort estimates, and complexity analysis as a management-ready report, decision makers can ensure that they have visibility and assessment of the most important aspects of the system. SYSPARENCY ensures that decision-makers make informed and comprehensibly documented decisions.

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Search & custom extensions

The uniqueness of SYSPARENCY docuWIKI results from the combination of automatically generated documentation and individually written WIKI documents. SYSAPARENCY is the central point for your SAP documentation and the software-driven professionalism and value creation in your company. Use SYSPARENCY via the navigation and drill-down capabilities or the WIKI wide search functionality. You have with 100% quality – the full flexibility.


The Sysparency WIKI provides a global full text search function for all documents of your SAP extensions. The search function is the central tool for finding information in the WIKI. Comparable to WIKIPEDIA, a simple term is enough to search the entire information database. The search results are listed clearly and thus significantly reduce the effort required to obtain information.


According to the definition of a WIKI application, it is also possible with Sysparency to insert existing documentation and individualized content. This functionality makes Sysparency the central place for your software documentation. Whether architecture documentation or additionally generated documentation, all information is embedded centrally. Links between the manual documentation part and the automated documentation are implemented very easily.

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