With SYSPARENCY enterpriseARCHITECT, you receive the AI-generated declaration for company-wide information flow and data exchange

With SYSPARENCY enterpriseARCHITECT, all direct file accesses, database connections, job schedules and implemented interfaces are displayed transparently and clearly and explained, specified and documented by our unique AI. The information can be exported for enterprise architecture software.

SYSPARENCY enterpriseARCHITECT reports form the foundation of your digital enterprise on the path to incorporating and developing unique Artificial Intelligence algorithms.


Advantages of SYSPARENCY enterpriseArchitect

Automatic analysis and listing of all interfaces of an SAP system

Documentation of all used databases and remote accesses

Export of the system context for enterprise architecture software

Display of all scheduled batch jobs and the schedule overview

Automated analysis and basis for optimizing information flows in your company

SYSPARENCY enterpriseARCHITECT is a module for the SYSPARENCY WIKI that automatically enables the documentation of SAP enhancements in ABAP – with a focus on enterprise architecture issues.

It collects and analyzes all types of SAP interfaces, file accesses and batch schedules to provide IT decision makers and enterprise architects with the information they need to more effectively manage and optimize their SAP systems.

Overview of all time-controlled company processes (SAP Batch Jobs and Schedule)

With SYSPARENCY enterpriseARCHITECT, it is also possible to access the current status of batch jobs and the job schedule at any time and from anywhere and to obtain an overview. It also ensures that changes and updates can be tracked quickly, which is important for efficient and controlled batch job management.

job overview

Optimization of interfaces, schedules & data storage

enterpriseARCHITECT 2

With SYSPARENCY enterpriseARCHITECT, enterprise architects and IT decision-makers can gain a comprehensive overview of SAP systems, including the dependencies between different components and the impact of changes on business processes.

Automated export and reconciliation with your enterprise architecture software system

The SYSPARENCY enterpriseARCHITECT exports the generated information and the SAP system context for the common enterprise architecture software solutions, which greatly simplifies the monitoring and analysis of the data exchanged with the SAP system.

Overall, SYSPARENCY enterpriseARCHITECT provides a powerful and automated SAP enhancement documentation solution that enables IT decision makers and enterprise architects to improve the performance and efficiency of their data flows and programmed information exchanges inside and outside your organization.

enterpriseARCHITECT overview

Search & custom extensions

The uniqueness of the SYSPARENCY WIKI results from the combination of automatically generated documentation and individually written WIKI documents. SYSAPARENCY is the central point for your SAP documentation and the software-driven professionalism and value creation in your company. Use SYSPARENCY via the navigation and drill-down capabilities or the WIKI wide search functionality. You have with 100% quality – the full flexibility.


The Sysparency WIKI provides a global full text search function for all documents of your SAP extensions. The search function is the central tool for finding information in the WIKI. Comparable to WIKIPEDIA, a simple term is enough to search the entire information database. The search results are listed clearly and thus significantly reduce the effort required to obtain information.


According to the definition of a WIKI application, it is also possible with Sysparency to insert existing documentation and individualized content. This functionality makes Sysparency the central place for your software documentation. Whether architecture documentation or additionally generated documentation, all information is embedded centrally. Links between the manual documentation part and the automated documentation are implemented very easily.

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