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Brings transparency to your SAP® applications.

Sysparency supports the digital transformation by preparing and documenting SAP® individual applications. With the help of our unique automated analysis of inidividual SAP® transactions, we generate a transparent and comprehensible representation of your business processes and functionalities from the previous black box.

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The individual docuWiki for your unique SAP® custom developments

Sysparency is a scientifically developed software product that analyzes complex software systems and extracts the technical logic and functionalities and displays them both graphically in the form of processes and in textual form. The business decisions are prepared as decision tables and formulas so that both the department and the management can understand decisions made by the software. This provides an elementary basis for a successful change of business processes for the upcoming transformation to SAP® S/4 HANA

Software Overview, Metrics & Ratings

Sysparency analyzes the Z transactions and extracts relevant software metrics

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User workflows

With the SAP GUI based user dialogs you get a good overall impression of the application within seconds.

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Data Perspective

Through the data structures that a software application has implemented, one gains deep insights into the business logic and technical design.

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Professionalism and functionality

Only fully automated documentation of the Z-space of your SAP® application enables complete transparency.

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Software Context, Structure & Interfaces

By analyzing the SAP® application it is possible to show all calls of files, databases and services.

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Job Perspective

For a comprehensive overview, it is important that all jobs are displayed with their time sequence and steps.

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Software Overview, Metrics & Ratings

Software makes decisions based on programmed logic and the underlying data. For digitization projects and large SAP® Replacement projects should be approached similarly and decisions made based on an evaluated modernization methodology and analyzed data. Sysparency analyzes the existing Abap® code automatically and extracts relevant software key figures that provide an indication of the effort and complexity of a new development or adaptation. Management decisions are thus data-based and made according to reality

SAP® application responds to input and commands from user:inside. These user commands process data, exchange data, calculate values and return the results to the users.

Data Perspective

Access and management of these records can be reduced to the four CRUD access patterns:

  • C: CREATE – Creation of new records
  • R: READ – Read records
  • U: UPDATE – manipulate and edit records
  • D: DELETE – Delete records

Professionalism and functionality

Business and social decisions in our digitized world are increasingly being made by software algorithms. These decisions must be comprehensible to managers, employees and all participants in our society. Only a fully automated documentation and processing of software algorithms enables this transparency of technical decisions and programmed logic.

Decisions can be represented by mathematical formulas, decision tables or graphic processes. Depending on the application, different methods and display modes are relevant.

Job Perspective

Many historically grown SAP® applications contain time-controlled batch processing.

In addition to the scheduler information, the statement “when – what – how” is executed is the actual sequence of the batch processing useful. It’s all about the business logic that is executed by this timed batch processing.


Software Context, Structure & Interfaces

In today’s world, no software system stands alone on a green field. But on the contrary. The applications are highly interconnected. Data is constantly being exchanged between the systems and ends up in different places in data pots. The data is manipulated by a wide variety of services and software programs and new results are calculated based on them.

Search & custom extensions

“A wiki (Hawaiian for “fast”) is a website whose content can not only be read by visitors, but also edited and changed directly in the web browser (Web 2.0 application).”


The Sysparency WIKI provides a global full-text search function for all artifacts of a software application. The search function is the central tool for finding information in the WIKI. Comparable to WIKIPEDIA, a simple term is enough to search the entire information database. The search results are listed clearly and thus significantly reduce the effort required to obtain information.


According to the definition of a WIKI application, it is also possible with Sysparency to insert existing documentation and individualized content. This functionality makes Sysparency the central place for your software documentation. Whether architecture documentation or additionally generated documentation, all information is embedded centrally. Links between the manual documentation part and the automated documentation are implemented very easily.

Benefits of Sysparency

Avoid unnecessary costs

An unplanned migration due to unrecognized processes and business processes results in a migration attempt in an immense cost trap. The Sysparency algorithm used is a guarantee for the 100% transparent display of all structures and metrics.

Detailed and understandable presentation

In addition to the interrelationships between systems, user applications and business data, the functions, processes and decisions and calculations are also shown. The data is prepared in such a way that the department can understand and understand it.

This is the headline

If you look at the business processes incompletely, you run the risk of unnecessarily prolonging the transformation, which results in immense costs. This can happen with large IT systems and individual further developments. With source code analysis, this cannot happen to you with Sysparency.

Scientifically based

Sysparency is the result of many years of research and development. Your documentation is generated based on the latest scientific standards.

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