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Sysparency AI explains, specifies and documents your mainframe, COBOL and PL/I software programs fully automatically

Sysparency revolutionizes the profitable use of the mainframe in your company by providing complete transparency about your individualized mainframe business processes and programs. Sysparency prepares incomprehensible and undocumented mainframe programs in professionally and technically understandable language and acts as a kind of mainframe interpreter.


Companies with mainframes in use have implemented the majority of their USPs in undocumented and therefore poorly maintainable mainframe programs and batches. This inhibits companies’ ability to innovate and makes upgrade, migration, change and digitalization projects time-consuming and costly.

Sysparency, with its unique scientifically developed code mining technology, gives mainframe customers back control of their most important business know-how and ensures greater innovation and significantly faster project implementation speed. All self-developed mainframe programs are specified fully automatically and described professionally and technically using artificial intelligence.

Regain control of your enterprise USPs by better understanding your business processes on the mainframe. This strengthens your internal team and reduces costs and project risks.

Sysparency to analyze your mainframe, COBOL or PL/I business processes

We are the only company in the world to explain, specify and document software according to its functionality and usage behavior using state-of-the-art artificial intelligence. This means that the documentation is readable and understandable not only for software developers but also for departments, management and external auditors. The result of our software documentation guides you independently through the software functionalities. It starts with the usual user input and all masks and pages of an application are presented graphically for the reader. With this procedure, the exact current status can be analyzed and documented.

"For years we had been looking for a functioning continuous software documentation solution. Sysparency is the solution "
Software development manager


Business and social decisions in our digitized world are increasingly being made by software algorithms. These decisions must be comprehensible for managers, employees and all participants in our society. Only a fully automated documentation and processing of software algorithms enables this transparency of technical decisions and programmed logic. An adaptive mode of presentation enables the different target groups to understand the decisions and to draw their conclusions from them. Decisions can be represented by mathematical formulas, decision tables or graphic processes. Depending on the application, different methods and display modes are relevant.

Mainframe Roadmap En

Challenges in mainframe, COBOL and PL/I applications

IT modernization

63% of companies with COBOL and PL/I prefer IT modernization rather then replacement

lack of resources

Enormous lack of experienced developers for these programming languages

Loss of know-how

Employees with the wealth of experience are increasingly retiring or dying

Clumsy implementation

Modernization is very cumbersome because there are hardly any skilled workers


AI-based explanation and documentation of the
program code

Sysparency AI explains, specifies and documents the software source code.

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Functionality as
math formulas

Calculating functionality is represented as mathematical formulas.

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Fulfillment of

Critical software and algorithms must be documented.

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From user input
to data storage

We document software according to how it works.

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Understandable variables and functionality

The terms of the masks are mapped to variable names.

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Long term
quality control

Increase the performance of your software development by over 30%.

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