Sysparency dataREPORT

With SYSPARENCY dataREPORT, you can analyze and optimize your enterprise-wide data structures and enable your digital and AI-using enterprise

The data structures implemented by a software application provide deep insights into the functional logic and the technical structure.

By using SYSPARENCY dataREPORT, organizations can better understand and control their information landscape by gaining a clear view of SAP dependencies and the impact of SAP customizations.

Use your individual information structures and data to your business advantage.


Advantages of SYSPARENCY dataREPORT

Overview of all company-wide information objects and data sets

Drill-down capabilities from data structure to SQL statement

Search capabilities across all data structures down to attribute level

Grouping of information processing and data structures according to professional domain

Where is the relevant information processed in my company and how can I use it?

SYSPARENCY dataREPORT is a module for SYSPARENCY docuWIKI that automatically documents SAP data enhancements in ABAP. It captures all types of individual SAP database accesses and data manipulations on business objects and prepares this information for IT decision makers, data scientists and business departments.

By using SYSPARENCY dataREPORT, organizations can better understand and manage their IT landscape by gaining a clear view of the dependencies and impacts of enhancements and customizations. It also enables them to better understand and monitor the data manipulations in their SAP system

Drill down from the business information structure to the concrete data manipulation in SQL

The automatically generated documentation of data accesses and data manipulations in ABAP-programmed SAP systems is especially important for data managers, data scientists, but also business departments, because it provides them with a quick and precise overview of data sources and processes that can be used for business data analyses. This makes it easier for them to understand the system and identify relevant data. In addition, documentation can help identify and address potential inconsistencies or erroneous data access, which can contribute to better analysis and decision-making.

dataREPORT data object

Overview for informed decisions

dataREPORT 1

SYSPARENCY dataREPORT is an indispensable tool for companies that want to optimize their SAP systems and increase the AI and data efficiency of their value chains.

Search & custom extensions

The uniqueness of SYSPARENCY docuWIKI results from the combination of automatically generated documentation and individually written WIKI documents. SYSAPARENCY is the central point for your SAP documentation and the software-driven professionalism and value creation in your company. Use SYSPARENCY via the navigation and drill-down capabilities or the WIKI wide search functionality. You have with 100% quality – the full flexibility.


The Sysparency WIKI provides a global full text search function for all documents of your SAP extensions. The search function is the central tool for finding information in the WIKI. Comparable to WIKIPEDIA, a simple term is enough to search the entire information database. The search results are listed clearly and thus significantly reduce the effort required to obtain information.


According to the definition of a WIKI application, it is also possible with Sysparency to insert existing documentation and individualized content. This functionality makes Sysparency the central place for your software documentation. Whether architecture documentation or additionally generated documentation, all information is embedded centrally. Links between the manual documentation part and the automated documentation are implemented very easily.

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