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The Sysparency AI-based SAP interpreter explains, specifies and documents SAP extensions and ABAP programs fully automatically in an online-enabled WIKI.

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Many companies use SAP® and anchor the majority of their unique selling points in undocumented SAP® Z extensions. As a result, maintenance is made more difficult and innovation is slowed down. This is where Sysparency comes in: our unique codeMINING technology gives SAP® customers back control of their most valuable business know-how. With fully automated specification and functional and technical description using artificial intelligence, we accelerate your project implementation and promote your innovative strength. Take the opportunity to regain control of your organization’s unique selling points by better understanding your SAP® and ABAP® custom applications. Strengthen your internal team, reduce costs and minimize project risks.

This progressive integration of artificial intelligence into your business processes marks the beginning of a new era. In this context, we are pleased to present THE German-speaking innovation to you personally: The Sysparency SAP® Interpreter – the world’s first AI interpreter in the SAP® ecosystem. Sysparency’s artificial intelligence revolutionizes the automated explanation, specification and documentation of SAP® individual programs and SAP® customizing.

For more than a decade, our team of scientists at the Software Competence Center Hagenberg at Johannes Kepler University has been working intensively on the development of advanced AI algorithms. Our goal: to accelerate the development and transparency of SAP® software enhancements. We achieved our breakthrough as Sysparency a few years ago and since then we have significantly increased the speed of SAP® updates, SAP® enhancements and digitalization projects.

How the SAP interpreter works

SAP Interpreter is an advanced AI solution that fully automates the explanation, specification and documentation of complex SAP custom programs. Using artificial intelligence, both existing SAP ABAP programs and customer-specific enhancements are analyzed to generate structured, easily accessible online documentation.

The basis for this is the innovative codeMINING algorithm, which automatically extracts important software metrics and creates comprehensive documentation, which is then published in the WIKI. This platform allows users to search and edit information quickly, similar to Wikipedia. The artificial intelligence recognizes patterns and dependencies within the SAP ABAP program code, which are crucial for efficient adjustments and optimizations.

In three steps, the SAP interpreter explains, specifies and documents all SAP ABAP programs and individualized SAP extensions.

    In a short virtual coordination meeting (approx. 30 min), the SAP administrators receive the unique SYSPARENCY codeADAPTER and an introduction. All individual SAP extensions are extracted with the codeADAPTER and loaded onto the SYSPARENCY codeVAULT and stored in encrypted form.
    The scientifically developed codeMINING algorithm analyzes all SAP ABAP-based extensions and generates the sysparencyWIKI. Thanks to the continuousDOCUMENTATION technology, the sysparencyWIKI is always up to date and is updated four times a year with the SAP updates.
    The result of Sysparency codeMINING is the online sysparencyWIKI. This is made available via the SYSPARENCY platform and handed over with personal training. With the sysparencyWIKI you get a continuous & complete documentation of the entire Z-space including a complete inventory of all Z-objects such as extensions (Badi’s), Z-transactions, interfaces, tables, etc. In the SAP interpreter, it is advisable to add the complete SAP inventory documentation. This provides a complete interactive and, above all, standardized specification and documentation platform that serves as an SAP interpreter for every SAP user, developer and specialist department.

Why do companies choose SAP interpreters?

It is the competitive advantages programmed into SAP that will undergo a radical transformation and further development in the coming years. After the update to the latest SAP S/4HANA version, the individual programs are separated from the SAP standard program. This project is being driven forward by SAP as the “Clean Core” initiative until 2030. The outdated ABAP technology is being replaced by the modern SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP). SAP’s vision will be achieved as soon as the standard SAP is operated and further developed in the SAP cloud and the competitive advantages are operated on the Business Technology Platform.

Experts assume that each individually programmed SAP transaction requires an enormous amount of analysis and implementation work for each evolutionary stage. In addition, the analysis takes several working weeks per transaction

Sysparency explains, specifies and documents the knowledge and functionality of these individual programs fully automatically with the world’s #1 AI-based SAP interpreter. This means that all business transactions can be analyzed at once and in real time. The implementation time is also reduced by more than a third. Sysparency’s customers benefit from a disruptive 98% saving on analysis and over 30% on implementation costs.

The automated WIKI enables your internal team to make adjustments and improvements to your unique and market-critical business processes independently of external consultants. With the SAP interpreter, you can increase the speed of your change and innovation projects.

What are the reasons of our customers:

  • SAP individual programs are my competitive advantage
    SAP individual transactions are your company’s competitive advantage and unique selling point. However, it is these undocumented and often technologically outdated SAP® individual extensions that make SAP updates and technical optimizations more difficult and slow down the necessary business innovation. The SAP interpreter explains, specifies and documents the knowledge and functionality of these individual programs fully automatically, enabling you to expand your competitive advantage and unique selling point in the shortest possible time while saving costs and risks. Make your company more successful on the market.
  • Increased transparency and comprehensibility
    Automated documentation helps companies to better understand and manage their complex SAP landscapes. With Sysparency, they gain deeper insights into their systems and can use this information to optimize business processes and make system maintenance more efficient.
  • Independence from external consultants
    By providing detailed and easy-to-understand documentation, internal teams are empowered to make adjustments and improvements on their own. This saves costs and makes companies more agile.
  • Cost savings and increased efficiency
    Sysparency’s automated documentation reduces the effort and costs that would normally be incurred for manual documentation processes. In addition, sources of error can be minimized and system maintenance accelerated.
  • Compliance and risk management
    Precise documentation helps companies meet regulatory requirements and minimize the risk of system failures by providing a clear overview of all system components and their interactions.

Experience how the artificial intelligence of the SAP interpreter automatically specifies and explains SAP ABAP® programs

The Sysparency team has put a two-minute video of our Sysparency artificial intelligence and the generated sysparencyWIKI on Youtube. Discover the transformative power of artificial intelligence in SAP ABAP® programming. We present a demo video of our AI technologies developed specifically for the automation of SAP® program specification. In this video, you will see how our codeMINING algorithms efficiently generate a specification suitable for the department from the standard SAP system configuration and the ABAP® program code of a typical programming task.

You will gain a comprehensive insight into how individual transactions are described automatically and how you can quickly obtain detailed explanations of data objects and interfaces. The video shows not only how you can increase the technical and functional expertise of your teams using the legacy system, but also how Sysparency can significantly increase efficiency and transparency in SAP projects through the automated generation of use case specifications.

We invite you to see for yourself how Sysparency is changing the way SAP systems are developed and maintained. Watch the video now and experience the future of SAP programming with Sysparency.

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