Sysparency at leading industrial and technology group

Introduction of Sysparency at a leading industrial and technology group

Sysparency had the honor of working with a global and highly reputable industrial and technology group, headquartered in the EU with offices worldwide. To protect the corporate identity, the name is not mentioned here

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Our goal was to support the Group in its transition to S/4 HANA and to improve business processes through optimized and automated solutions based on artificial intelligence. In particular, the project aimed to achieve operational excellence through process optimization and automation, as well as improved documentation and analysis of SAP Z programs and use cases.

Implementation and solution approach

Sysparency used the state-of-the-art, digital and fully automated SAP advisor, SYSPARENCY DocuWiki, to enable deep, intuitive analysis and optimization of SAP systems and business processes. By using AI technology and machine learning, we were able to identify and visualize patterns and relationships in the group’s complex system landscape. This enabled fast and precise identification of optimization potential and subsequent implementation of customized solutions.

Achieved results

Our collaboration has enabled the Group to make significant progress in several areas:

  • Process optimization: Increasing efficiency and agility in business processes through the use of state-of-the-art AI technology.
  • Cost reduction: Empowerment of the internal team, reducing dependencies on external service providers and thus cutting costs.
  • Improved documentation: Increase transparency and compliance through improved and automated documentation of SAP Z programs.
  • Competitive advantage: These optimizations have enabled the company to strengthen its competitive position and is now better equipped to meet future challenges.

Sustainable impact and value creation

The collaboration between Sysparency and the Austrian technology group not only served as a catalyst for immediate improvements and efficiency gains, but also laid the foundation for sustainable development and continuous improvement of the company’s processes. The company is now able to independently conduct in-depth analysis and implement innovative solutions, enabling it to consolidate its leading position in a highly competitive market segment.

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