Sysparency Software Archaeology

Software archaeology for a large-scale plant application with Sysparency

Amidst growing regulatory and internal requirements, a renowned company faced extensive customization efforts in its systems and the associated challenge of manual post-documentation of the existing system. The client intended to ensure complete, efficient, and proper documentation of its applications to ensure transparent traceability of calculations, processes, and workflows, secure future operations, and reconstruct lost know-how.

Sysparency Enterprise Architect

The project began with an intensive discovery phase in which all relevant information – from code to database dumps to existing documentation – was collected, categorized and analyzed. Scoping and analysis of the client’s desired metrics was performed by our subject matter experts in software archaeology & reverse engineering, who used Sysparency methodology and tools to make the analysis results visible and understandable to various stakeholder groups. Even historically grown and complex systems were transparently prepared and documented by Sysparency.

Core services of Sysparency

  • Identification and inventory of all necessary structures and fragments
  • Automatic analysis and generation of intelligent algorithm-based documentation
  • Manual verification of the automatically generated output
  • Technical documentation of the results
  • Conducting workshops and presentations

Added value and results

Sysparency was able to automate post-documentation and analysis of the large-scale plant application to the customer’s complete satisfaction. All stakeholders received in-depth insights into the application based on the precisely prepared and presented results and Sysparency’s technical documentation.

Through the comprehensive documentation and descriptive workshops, stakeholders:

  • Identify and fix future errors faster
  • Estimate efforts more precisely
  • Effectively plan and implement potential further developments or replacements

This transparent and precise approach has enabled the company to deepen its understanding of the system, increase its internal efficiency and thus sustainably improve its competitive position. Sysparency is proud of the successful collaboration and looks forward to future projects and to continue providing innovative and sustainable solutions.

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