Post-documentation software archaeology

Post-documentation software archeology for large-scale systems

Due to the growing regulatory and internal requirements and the resulting complexity, this led to high adjustment costs in the systems and thus also in the subsequent documentation.

The customer was faced with the challenge of documenting their applications efficiently and properly. Thus, a complete traceability of calculations, processes and procedures should take place and the future operation should be secured, and lost know-how should be rebuilt.


Technical experts for software archeology

The project started with an investigation phase in which all required information (this included code, database copies, existing documentation) was collected and categorized. The inventory and the analysis of the current status were essential and it became clear here in which direction the project should go.

The scope was then determined and the metrics required by the customer were analyzed by our experts. Thanks to our sysparency methodology and our tools, the results of the analyzes could be made visible and understandable for various stakeholder groups. Systems that had grown over time and were partly opaque were appropriately prepared and documented by us.

Achievements in this project

Sysparency’s core activities in the software archeology project included:

  • Determination and inventory of all necessary structures and fragments from code to databases and existing documentation
  • Definition of the scope, prioritization of the results
  • Semi-automatic documentation and automatic generation of content (formulas, functions, processes and masks)
  • Manual check of this automatically generated output
  • Technical documentation of the results
  • Holding workshops based on these results and the technical documentation


The application was documented and analyzed to the customer’s complete satisfaction. Results were prepared, presented and discussed for the stakeholders in order to clarify any questions that might arise. With the help of the documentation created by Sysparency and the workshops, all stakeholders now have a deep insight into the application, can fix future errors more quickly, assess expenses better and prepare a possible replacement much better.

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