Green coding boost for legacy applications through Sysparency

Sustainable software development is all the rage, but what is behind the hype? The main reason for green coding is the long-term reduction of CO2 emissions and the conservation of our limited energy resources. Especially the large value-adding legacy software systems cause a large part of the enormous hunger for resources through further development and operation. It is the source code that should be sustainable. It should also remain sustainable in the further development process. The very old COBOL code or the PL/I language, for which the developers have to invest immense effort to maintain, is not sustainable. This is the exact opposite of sustainability, because here the long overdue modernization was neglected.

Businesses around the world need to improve their carbon footprint and achieve sustainability goals. Very few start with their software development. Emissions need to fall quickly for countries to meet their global commitments. So far, the information and communication technology (ICT) sector has been stubborn, and energy consumption is constantly increasing. Although ICT accounts for only five to nine percent of electricity consumption today, it is estimated that by 2030 it could account for up to 21 percent of the world’s electricity needs.

Our studies and practical experience show that up to 35% of resource waste can be reduced. A large part of the savings potential (approx. 40% of the savings potential) is the identification of calculations, code fragments and processes that are not absolutely necessary. Examples of this are regularly executed program logic or libraries without a lasting effect on user interaction, the stored data or connected interfaces. Another potential lies in the optimization of data queries and storage of data (approx. 20% of the savings potential). Further potentials are typically found in the optimization of operation, in the reduction of duplicate functionalities and in the optimal utilization of the hardware

Sysparency uses an individual legacy software analysis to show its customers potential for reducing CO2 emissions and hunger for resources. Sysparency’s scientifically developed analysis algorithm maps these complex legacy software applications and documents all optimization potentials.

The problem

Superfluous calculations within the entire system landscape lead to an enormous data calculation, which in many cases no longer provides any added value in the calculations. Because systems have historically grown over decades and development has simply continued, many organizations have redundant systems as well as duplicate lines of code. All of this leads to double calculations, double energy consumption and unnecessary IT resources to slow systems.

It lacks at:

  • The mapping of essential processes
  • The mapping of the system interactions with each other and the reading and changing of data
  • The mapping of all interfaces
  • Savings in operating costs
  • Optimized processes and process times


Sysparency helps to understand the existing systems and processes within the system landscape. Complex software systems are analyzed by means of code analysis and the technical logic and functionalities are extracted.

  • we help to understand the processes within the systems
  • We help to show the data movements within the interfaces and determine which systems are not addressed at all, which can then be cleaned up to increase efficiency
  • we make security gaps in security-relevant processes and in the systems visible and show the potential for optimization
  • we identify possible efficiency potentials of the existing specialist applications
  • we optimize business processes and identify process inefficiencies at an early stage
  • we help improve business decisions through 100% transparency.
  • Reduction of computing power to the essentials by recognizing superfluous calculations and program runs
  • Elimination of duplicate source code

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