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We are happy to support you and work out an individual solution for the modernization, documentation or replacement of your software together with you.


With Sysparency you can get an initial overview of your software quickly and easily. Get to know the structure of your software. We analyze your software solution and determine the most common measurement parameters and metrics of software development for you and derive a strategy for modernizing or replacing your software.

Individual modernization strategy

We are the only company in the world to document software according to the functionality and usage behavior. This means that the documentation is readable and understandable not only for software developers but also for departments, management and external auditors. The result of our software documentation guides you independently through the software functionalities. It starts with the usual user input and all masks and pages of an application are presented graphically for the reader.

"Our software developers estimated 25,000 man-days to create legally compliant documentation. Sysparency documented the software within a few months and with a fraction of the effort."

Supported programming languages

The automated and thus complete sysparency analysis of legacy applications generates the necessary factual situation, which is a prerequisite for a successful creation of the modernization strategy and the accurate planning of the implementation.

Modernization projects

Benefits of Sysparency


System-critical and complex software solutions require individual documentation. Sysparency Custom is based on your individual needs.


Complex algorithms require transparent and comprehensible documentation. Sysparency generates the documentation based on the program code.

Scientifically sound

Sysparency is the result of many years of research and development. Your documentation is generated based on the latest scientific standards.

Cost efficient

The high degree of automation of the Sysparency documentation solution enables cost-efficient generation of the documentation.


Business process exploration

Identify possible efficiency potentials of your existing specialist applications.
business process exploration
modernization strategy

Based on the analysis by the Sysparency algorithm, the experts at Sysparency create an individual modernization strategy tailored to your needs.

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