Successful COBOL and PL/I software documentation

Sysparency supports the software documentation of your COBOL and PL/I applications by analyzing the current software processes and generating a transparent and understandable representation of your business processes from the previous black box.


Sysparency is a scientifically developed software product that analyzes complex software systems and extracts the technical logic and functionalities and displays them both graphically in the form of processes and in textual form. The business decisions are prepared as decision tables and formulas so that both the department and the management can understand decisions made by the software. Understandable business processes and workflows are the basis for the possible replacement of your IT applications or for the further development of your existing applications.

Sysparency integrated in the software development process

We are the only company in the world to document software according to the functionality and usage behavior. This means that the documentation is readable and understandable not only for software developers but also for departments, management and external auditors. The result of our software documentation guides you independently through the software functionalities. It starts with the usual user input and all masks and pages of an application are presented graphically for the reader. With this procedure, the exact current status can be analyzed and documented.

"For years we had been looking for a functioning continuous software documentation solution. Sysparency is the solution "


Business process exploration

Identify possible efficiency potentials of your existing specialist applications.
business process exploration

Challenges in COBOL and PL/I applications

IT modernization

63% of companies with COBOL and PL/I prefer IT modernization rather then replacement

lack of resources

Enormous lack of experienced developers for these programming languages

Loss of know-how

Employees with the wealth of experience are increasingly retiring or dying

Clumsy implementation

Modernization is very cumbersome because there are hardly any skilled workers


Documentation of the
program codes

Automatic documentation of the software source code.

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Functionality as
math formulas

Calculating functionality is represented as mathematical formulas.

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Fulfillment of

Critical software and algorithms must be documented.

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From user input
to data storage

We document software according to its functionality.

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Understandable variables and functionality

The terms of the masks are mapped to variable names.

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Long term
quality control

Increase the performance of your software development by over 30%.

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Quality level

The documentation with our Sysparency cocumentation software meets your requirement.
Choose from our three intended quality levels for the documentation of your software.


This structural documentation method gives you an easily understandable overview of your software solution. Get to know the structure of your software. We analyze your software solution and determine the most common measurement parameters and metrics in software development for you. Learn more about the programmed size of your software (LoC), the functional size (FP) and the effort it would take to re-program the software in this dimension.


The functional documentation method concentrates on the functional process of your software solution - starting with the user input and the technical calculations through to data storage. You will receive detailed documentation of the functionality in the form of word documents in which the calculations are specified as mathematical formulas. At this quality level, you receive complete documentation that is understandable and comprehensible for the specialist department, management and external auditors


The technical documentation is used by software development experts to quickly get an overview of the technical structure and functionality of a software solution. All programmed variables are renamed based on the names of the user entries. You get a technical representation in an easily understandable pseudo-algorithm, so that you can find errors / bugs and points to be adjusted in the original source code more easily and, above all, faster.

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