Get an overview of all SAP enhancements in no time with Syparency

Our unique SYSPARENCY insightREPORT algorithm analyzes, measures and evaluates your SAP ABAP individual programs.

Individualsoftware Dokumentation


The SYSPARENCY insightREPORT measures and evaluates your overall system. In addition to the number of individual enhancements, the call frequency, complexity, new development costs and many other important key figures are also determined and prepared for you in a management-friendly manner by means of a dashboard and tabular listing in the insightREPORT as a PDF document.

With SYSPARENCY insightREPORT we were able to analyze and evaluate all individual developments of our SAP R/3 system within a very short time.

Advantages of SYSPARENCY insightREPORT

Sysparency has set itself the goal of making software systems understandable and transparent. In doing so, Sysparency is the market leader for automated analysis of
SAP® custom programs and legacy enterprise software and has been actively developed with our international customers and our research partners since 2010. Sysparency’s software solutions analyze the existing individual developments (e.g.: ABAP®, COBOL, PLI and other programming languages) in historically grown software systems and generate an automated report in PDF format.


The Sysparency Algorithm documents your software in real time and continuously with every change.


Our automated Sysparency docuWIKI documents 100% of the software in complete quality.


When uploading, the entire program code is encrypted using the highly secure Advanced Encryption Standard algorithm


Technical key figures of software development are replaced by key figures suitable for management.

Software Overview, Metrics & Ratings

Software makes decisions based on programmed logic and the underlying data. For digitization projects and large software replacement projects, you should proceed in a similar way and make decisions based on an evaluated modernization methodology and analyzed data. Sysparency analyzes the existing software system automatically and extracts relevant software key figures that provide an indication of the effort and complexity of a new development or adaptation. Management decisions are thus based on data and made in accordance with reality.

modernization strategy

Based on your individual developments in the SAP system, the SYPARENCY insightREPORT algorithm creates a dashboard with the most important key figures for your management decisions. 

With Sysparency, you get exceptionally high quality software analysis confirmed by independent auditors, enabling you to make informed management decisions.

"fast, uncomplicated and perfectly priced".


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