SAP optimization and process improvement

Successful SAP optimization and process improvement for a leading construction company

An internationally renowned construction company in the EU, whose activities span various construction divisions, was faced with the challenge of documenting and optimizing its extensive and complex SAP Z programs. Due to the high degree of customization and adaptation of its systems, there was a significant need for effective documentation and analysis of business-differentiating use cases in order to secure and expand competitive advantages.

Sysparency im SAP-Store


The main objective of this project was to implement process optimization, reduce costs by strengthening internal teams, and improve competitiveness through enhanced documentation of Z transactions in the customer’s SAP systems. This company has a comprehensive and complex SAP landscape with a large number of individual adaptations and extensions, which posed the following significant challenge for the digital transformation:

  • Extensive customization in the SAP system
  • Inefficiencies and complexity of existing processes
  • Need for improved and more efficient documentation techniques


With Sysparency, an innovative solution was implemented: the world’s first, fully automated and AI technology-based, digital SAP advisor, SYSPARENCY docuWIKI. This advanced technology enabled deep, automated analysis of the company’s individual SAP Z programs.


Sysparency enabled the company to significantly optimize its processes by identifying and analyzing competitively differentiating use cases. This produced the following results:

  1. Process optimization: Through AI-based analysis, optimization opportunities were identified and implemented.
  2. Cost reduction: The empowerment of the internal team led to a reduction in dependence on external consultants and thus to significant cost savings.
  3. Competitiveness: The improved documentation of Z transactions resulted in increased transparency and efficiency, strengthened the company’s competitive position, and enabled faster and more flexible adaptation to market changes.
  4. Empowering the internal team: SYSPARENCY docuWIKI’s user-friendly and intuitive interface enabled employees to gain deep insights into the systems and use the information for further optimization and customization.


Sysparency and its innovative solution, SYSPARENCY docuWIKI, have added significant value to the construction company. The successful implementation resulted in streamlined business processes, a strengthened competitive position, and significant cost savings through the empowerment of the internal team and improved documentation of Z transactions.

This success underscores Sysparency’s potential to help companies across multiple industries simplify and optimize their business processes to remain competitive in the digital age.

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