Replace Legacy System - Bring transparency to your software systems.

With our scientifically developed software analysis algorithm Sysparency, customers can understand how their software systems work, which is an important prerequisite for the replacement of their old system. You save up to 30% of the transfer fee.


Automated documentation of software as support in the reverse engineering process

If there is no clear documentation, only documentation of the old system – before the changeover to a new system – can minimize risks and avoid problems. This documentation is not only required for the redesign of the replacement system, but often also after the changeover for the training of new employees who will have to look after the legacy system technically in the future. True to the motto “The truth is in the code”, the legacy system is analyzed in order to understand, copy or improve it. When it is replaced by a new external system, reverse engineering is used as an aid to compare the IT background of various software offers as part of the beauty contest. If it is replaced by a new development of your own system, however, it serves as a tool for continuous documentation.

The transformation of legacy systems into new IT systems presents many companies with major challenges. Often it has not been recorded which functionalities are available in the existing IT systems and how these systems function technically.

“Legacy systems are usually not properly documented and the topic is rarely a priority. Sysparency helps to catch up on the documentation quickly and without great additional burden. In such a way that the system experts rediscover how exciting the 'excavations' on your system can actually be. That's why we sometimes also call it software archeology! "

World first for the documentation of software

As a worldwide unique algorithm, Sysparency Software documents the functionality and usage behavior. This means that the documentation is readable and understandable not only for software developers but also for departments, management and external auditors. The result of our software documentation guides you independently through the software functionalities.

Documentation of the
Program codes

Automatic documentation of the software source code.

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Functionality as
math formulas

Calculating functionality is represented as mathematical formulas.

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Fulfillment of

Critical software and algorithms must be documented.

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From user input
to data storage

We document software according to how it works.

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Understandable variables and functionality

The terms of the masks are mapped to variable names.

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Long term
quality control

Increase the performance of your software development by over 30%.

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Supported programming languages

Automated documentation of software is possible in the following programming languages: C / C ++, COBOL, Java, .net, Fortran, NATURAL / ADABAS, PL1.
Further programming languages are available in the Sysparency Custom Product to disposal.


Over 10 years of experience

Sysparency is the result of years of scientific research and development from Hagenberg near Linz in Austria and is already widely used by large companies.





> 5 million

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