First fully automated SAP consultant – curse or blessing?


First fully automated SAP consultant - curse or blessing?

In an era where artificial intelligence is becoming more prominent, Sysparency presents the world’s first fully automated and digital SAP advisor based on AI technology.

This innovative software system promises to revolutionize the way companies optimize and enhance SAP solutions. While Sysparency, the renowned spin-off of the JKU research center SCCH, is celebrating this innovation as a revolution in the SAP consulting industry, some industry experts remain skeptical and warn of the potential risks. Sysparency, known for its innovative software analysis tools, confirms that its new digital SAP Advisor is already helping companies optimize complex SAP systems and business processes through automated analysis and documentation. According to Sysparency CEO, Florian Schnitzhofer, the AI-powered platform is designed to fill the gap often created by the departure of experienced SAP employees and the loss of tacit knowledge about enterprise software.

Technological progress and increased efficiency

The unique selling point of the automated SAP consultant is its focus on individually programmed SAP enhancements. While the previous tools on the market focused on the standard SAP processes, the Sysparency company addresses the uniqueness of the companies, as especially the individually programmed and customized business processes guarantee the competitiveness of the companies. The ability for independent analysis and documentation by the intelligent, digital SAP consultant empowers internal teams to make adjustments and improvements to these company-specific and market-critical business processes independently of external consultants. This autonomy allows companies to use their resources more effectively and reduce their costs, minimizing human error while becoming more agile and responsive. For many companies that are constantly looking for ways to reduce operating costs and increase efficiency, this innovation could be a game-changer.

Critical voices and potential risks

Although Sysparency’s fully automated SAP Advisor has impressive capabilities, there are also concerns about reliance on such automated systems. Critics point out that human judgment and experience are often essential, especially in complex scenarios where AI may not consider all variables or contextual information. There are also privacy and security concerns, as the digital advisor needs to access massive amounts of data to function effectively.
Another concern is potential job loss in the SAP consulting industry. With the introduction of such an efficient and cost-saving system, many traditional consultant positions could become redundant.

A balanced approach?

While the benefits of the digital SAP consultant are obvious, experts stress the need for a balanced approach. Many suggest that companies should look at this technology as a complementary tool to be used in combination with human advisors to provide the best value and efficiency.
Sysparency CEO, Florian Schnitzhofer, still has a lot planned: “We are only at the beginning of an incredibly rapid transformation of the SAP consulting market and all our developments are under the motto: Strengthening competitiveness and empowering internal teams through Sysparency products”. The introduction of the world’s first fully automated SAP consultant marks an important milestone in the SAP consulting world. It remains to be seen how companies will adopt this tool and what long-term impact it will have on the industry and the labor market.

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